Saturday, June 09, 2007

Rocky Racoon, stepped into the room...

I was walking down the sidewalk today and came across a girl using her bike to stop this guy and his little brother/sister from wandering into the street. They were all alone on the sidewalk, so I tried call 411 (and got a busy signal, what the heck?!) to get a number for animal control while another woman went next door to the little market to get a box for us. We ended up putting them into this box and bringing them up the block to the police station. They called ARL and the MSPCA for us, neither of whom would take the little guys. In the end, they suggested calling the Trailside Museum to see if they would come and get them, and the girl took them home to try and call around until she found someplace that would take them and not put them down. I was tempted to known on her door on my way home tonight to ask if she'd had any luck, but I thought it might be a little strange since I don't even know her name. I hope they have a nice home now!

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