Sarah's Summer To Do List

Summer summer summertime! Time to sit back and unwind.

Or time to get cracking on my latest seasonal to do list!You can see how I did on my Spring list here - not too bad! I'm going to carry over the two things I didn't get around to, because I've got a start on both of them and really want to see them through to the end. The rest of this is
  1. Watch a Movie By Moonlight and/or Free Friday Flick while eating a picnic dinner (pizza & wine qualify as a picnic dinner)
  2. Tour The Graves Light on Little Brewster Island
  3. Take an architectural tour of Boston...from the water
  4. Visit the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum
  5. Attend a vintage baseball game on George's Island
  6. See Ansel Adams: At the Water's Edge at the Peabody Essex Museum
  7. Rearrange and decorate the bedroom
  8. Look into (and start?) volunteering at the Quincy Animal Shelter

What are you To Do-ing this summer?

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