Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A List: Things To Do This Spring

Here's what's going to happen this spring!
  1. Celebrate random (/awesome) holidays often - i.e. National Cheese Fondue Day, Scrabble Day, Hug an Australian Day, National Limerick Day, etc... DONE! And again! And a few other times I didn't post about, too!
  2. Restart my running habit - one race per month from May to October! DONE!
  3. Visit the Harvard Museum of Natural History ($1 discount with Charlie Card - free Sundays before noon - free the first weekend of the month with Bank of America credit or debit card)   DONE!
  4. Attend a live taping of Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me! DONE!
  5. Rearrange and decorate the bedroom
  6. Look into (and start?) volunteering at the Quincy Animal Shelter
  7. Ride my bike to Nut Island on a beautiful day  DONE!
  8. Get a burger at Mr. Bartley's  DONE!
It's getting harder and harder to make these lists! Is it possible that I'm running out of things to do in and around Boston? Yikes. I need to find a sponsor so that I can add more out of town things to my lists. Who's got some money for me?! ;)

What's on your to do list this spring?

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1 comment:

Jen said...

I love the random holidays.

What is on my list? I don't know. I will have to think about it. :)