Monday, July 30, 2007

Holy Thunderstorm, Batman!

I was woken up about 15 minutes before my alarm went off (which is at 6:40, for the curious) by thunder. Because one of the skylights in the loft is more or less over my head when I'm in bed, I just laid there thinking "but I don't hear any rain" and waiting for my alarm to go off. Then it started pouring rain, and it sounded like it was raining right on my head. It reminded me of when I slept on the top bunk in the old trailer and the sound the rain would make on the roof. I love the sound of it. I hate that I can't always stay in bed and listen to it. I think that on rainy days you shouldn't have to work, you should just curl up in bed and read or watch movies. Anyway, the thunderstorm peaked while I was getting ready for work, and luckily slowed down by the time I headed out the door, but this picture is looking through the roof of the bus stop.

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