Tuesday, July 24, 2007

LA Survival Kit

Tomorrow the Boss Man leaves for LA (and never comes back), so a few of us put together a "survival kit" as a goodbye gag gift. A lot of these make more sense if you know him and all the things he's teased us about, but we included some gossip mags labeled as "Neighborhood Directory", sunscreen because "no one in LA likes wrinkles", some cheapo aviator glasses for "when his Pradas get stolen", a pop up map so he can find home, a Zagat guide to consult when wooing the ladies, Sun In because going blonde is mandatory in LA, flip flops in an obnoxiously bright yellow, and a very awesome speedo-like bathing suit. See below.


Jamie O'Brien said...

We all go the news in Fort Atkinson Wisconsin!

Welcome back to Massachusetts.

The damn place loves you!

It was great staying with the Scheehle's - we weren't treated that well since the Damman's in Ohio.

I (jamie) got drunk with Judy and Dennis and we talked POLITICS and Scheehle HISTORY!!

coming soon...

Anonymous said...


Mike bought a new phone that allows him to do a lot of things..including seeing pictures...

send em!

I can't talk about the phone. it's embarrsing (email me off internet's time)