Monday, August 27, 2007


Big Tom is blossoming AGAIN! I love it. I was at a garden place the other day and asked the woman what kind of plant I could put in my bathroom that gets no natural light, very little indirect light, and only has the light turned on a few hours a day. She told me Peace Lilly. I disagree. Big Tom was a piddly little thing until I took him to the office, and he absolutely LOVES getting light for 12-ish hours a day and has never grown so much, and has flowered like 6 times in the last year, but never once flowered in the two years before that. His brother, Tiny Tim, was miserable in the indirect/low light at our old apartment, but is totally thriving now that he's living in the partial sun/direct light of the window at our new place. I don't believe anyone that says these plants like low light.

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