Saturday, September 01, 2007

Best seat in the house

I was at the Sox game last night, in the suite. This is the best part (aside from the free food/beer/wine...) - the HDTV in the suite bathroom so you never miss a play, hardly wait in line, and don't have to worry about how dirty it might be.

I've made it to 5 free games both last year and this year, let's hope I can keep this up next year, as well! I sucked it up and bought a sweatshirt last night because it was windy, and the wind was blowing the rain/mist straight at us for a bit last night. I decided that for the at least $1,000 worth of seats I've gotten tickets for in the last two years, I could spring for the (redonkulous) $75 cost of an "officially licensed" sweatshirt.

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