Monday, October 08, 2007


Barley has been getting into a lot of trouble lately - jumping over the counter into the kitchen sink, clawing at the box spring in the middle of the night, knocking over the q-tips and scattering them all over the bathroom...we thought hiding the q-tips in the cabinet would be enough, but it wasn't. We had to rig up a cat-proof lock to keep him from getting at the q-tips or his second favorite toy, the sponge we use to clean the bathroom! Who knew q-tips were such a hot cat toy?


Leyre said...

Hey, I have that same bracelet! We got them at Aeropostale a few years ago remember? They were having a sale where everything blue was 30% off. Amy bought a pair of blue track pants that I could swear she has to this day. You and I bought those bracelets, which we clearly also have to this day.

Now tell me why I can remember all of that but I can't remember to take my keys with me in the morning?!

Cowbark said...

I remember that, too...I also bought my blue rubber ducky PJ pants and a bathing suit that day, and I still have both. Amy was wearing her blue track pants on vacation.