Saturday, July 05, 2008

Busy Morning!

See this little cutie? Here's how we came across her (we're pretty sure it's a her...):

We had gotten a Zipcar to head up to Beverly Farms yesterday and spend the 4th with Amanda and Aaron (I'll backpost a photo from yesterday in a bit). Whenever we have a Zipcar, we try to book it for a full 24 hours and then cram in as many car-needed errands as possible, so we got up this morning and just as we were about to walk out the door and run our errands we got a call from Zipcar. Someone had walked by the car (it was parked in front of the coffee shop by our house) and could hear a kitten stuck in the undercarriage somewhere. We went out to the car and just as we walked up, someone had climbed under the car and seen the kitten and scared it so it ran up into the engine. We popped the hood and there it was, so we grabbed it and got a box from the coffee shop. The picture above is one of the half dozen people that was swarming around the car trying to save the kitten when we got there - about two minutes after we grabbed her from under the hood.

Someone that works at the coffee shop called the woman that lives upstairs because she had lost a kitten and they thought it might be this one. We brought it back to the apartment until she got home and could come over to see if it was hers. Turns out that woman lost her kitten a few months ago, and this one was only 1-1.5 months old - so not her missing kitten. We took it to Animal Rescue League and left it with them to give it a full check out. They said they think it's a girl, and that it's only about 4-5 weeks old!! They're going to keep her for a few nights so they can have the vet look at her, and we're going to talk with the adoption manager person about fostering her until she's old enough to adopt (about 4 more weeks) and then hopefully adopting her.

I want to name her Champ (or LC - Little Champ), because the Zipcar we had was named Civic Champion. We've thrown around Zip or Zippy, too...but since that was the name of my old car, I'm not sure how I feel about that. I'll be Very Sad if they tell us we can't bring her home soon - they first gave us the impression we'd get to bring her home this afternoon, then tomorrow, now maybe after we meet with the adoption manager on Tuesday. I know it will be a lot of work to litter train her and socialize her both with us and Barley, but she's just so adorable and she's terrified of people, but she lets me pet her and doesn't ever try to bite or scratch. She's just been feral since birth and isn't used to people...but she's so young she should be easy to train and turn around. And hopefully Barley won't be a beating up jerk of a big brother!

Needless to say, we didn't make it out to run our errands...good thing it wasn't anything urgent! And props to Zipcar, who waived the charge for extending the car reservation for a half hour (that was all they could give me because someone else had reserved the car) so that we had enough time to take her to the ARL!

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