Sunday, July 20, 2008

Stay tuned...

I have a handful of photos to update with, but we've been busy! Lots of our formerly free time is spent hanging out and playing with Champ (who is doing AWESOME! I'm sure I'm jinxing us by putting it in writing, but she seems to have finally mastered pooping and peeing in the litter box, woohoo!).

If I'm not working, eating, sleeping, or playing with Champ, I'm probably walking! I did 15 miles with 16 other folks that are training for the Boston 3 Day yesterday, and I'm off to Provincetown with my girls for the day today. I'll see about catching up on some posts tonight when I'm back or tomorrow night after work!

Also - to the lovely lady that was climbing under the car to try and rescue Champ and noticed us on the trolley the other day: I'm so rude! We didn't introduce ourselves - please leave a comment and say hi if you found us. Or just say hi next time you see us on the trolley or at Flat Black!

Hope you all have a relaxing and not too hot Sunday!

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Anonymous said...

Not to worry--I didn't introduce myself either. I'm Julia, and Lissa (my very pregnant girlfriend, you probably recall) and I have been avidly following Champ's progress on your blog. Huzzah for litter training! (I hope it sticks!) Looking foward to seeing you around the neighorhood! I'll email you soon!