Saturday, August 09, 2008

And then she tried to step into the middle of it

Champ has been V-E-R-Y interested in my food the last few days. This morning she couldn't stay away form my dry cereal (oops, didn't realize we were out of milk!). I eventually gave her a few pieces to get her out of my face, and she proceeded to attack and bat them around. Then come back for more. Guess it didn't really get her out of my face!

After my walk I made a plate of spaghetti and sat down. She was climbing back and forth on the arms of the chair trying to sniff at my spaghetti, so I grabbed the camera and let her get in closer and sniff. She didn't try to eat it, but about two seconds after this she did reach her little paw out and try to stand in it.

I actually took lots of pictures on my training walk today - you can see them all here.

PS - caught up for the past week, so make sure you scroll down.

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