Thursday, October 02, 2008

22 Hours and Counting...

I don't have a picture from today yet, but I'm sure I will later! In the meantime, here's a photo from last Saturday's training walk to tide you over: Pete just informed I already posted that photo, so here's a totally unrelated -tych from San Fran last April to tide you over:

I leave at lunch for DC and the 3 Day, so you'll have to wait until Monday at the earliest (but likely Tuesday) for more photos, and then photos there will certainly be!!! While I'm walking (and walking...and walking...), you can entertain yourself with any or all of the following:

  1. Check out the Supporters Page where there will be a link to the web cam and you may catch sight of me, and there are locations listed for cheering stations and the closing ceremony if you're in DC and want to give us some support.

  2. Donate on my donation page if you haven't already - it's not too late!

  3. Read about my training - there are even some pictures from my walks if you need a photo fix.

I'll have an update over here later next week (mid-week at the earliest) and plenty of pictures...and so here's your task for the weekend: weigh in on how many pictures you think I'll take this weekend, and who ever comes the closest (without going over, of course!) will get some prize that I'll obtain for you over the times!

To help you out, here's some stats on my photo taking history:

  • In April, I spent 4 days in California (including attending a wedding where we didn't know many other people) and took about 300 photos.

  • In March, at another wedding (where we were with about a dozen friends), I took about 280 photos during the ceremony and reception.

  • On average, when not attending an event or traveling, I take about 400-500 pictures per month.

  • I have two 2 GB memory cards and 2 charged batteries packed!
**Sorry if the formatting on this post is wonky, I'm having serious trouble with Blogger right now - it's a miracle I even got the picture in there!


Lana said...

Hmmm... I don't know, you're going to be pretty busy walking... and tired... but I don't think that will slow you down with your camera too much. I'm guessing 296 pictures :)

Anonymous said...


Cowbark said...

Pipe down Wallaby, I've been busy walking/traveling/schooling!