Friday, October 31, 2008

Friday I'm in Love (Week 5)

This Friday, I'm in love with...

All things warm!

1. The sun! It was grey for a few days this week, but on Friday the sun was out and it was b-e-a-yootiful.

2. Tea - I've been drinking at least two mugs of tea a day lately, sometimes more depending on how cold it is in the office or outside. Stash Organic Merry Mint Green Tea is my current fav, although I do mix in Moroccan Mint Green Tea and just plain Green Tea occasionally. I do not like black teas.

3. Oatmeal - Historically, I do not like oatmeal (or oatmeal cookies, but I do like oatmeal cookie dough). However, it's been chilly in the mornings, and it inspired me to give oatmeal a new chance, because eating cold cereal when it's already chilly is not so cozy. I bought some instant oatmeal last weekend ("cinnamon roll" flavored) and enjoyed it with a sliced up banana. Today I bought some steel cut oats and am going to try making a large batch in the crock pot over night that I can divide up and then reheat as a single serving each morning. I hope it goes well.

PS - I figured out how to make my pictures bigger, and they looked great on my home computer...but then were cut off when I looked at them on my work computer. Please comment and let me know if you're not seeing the whole image because part of it is cropped and I'll get it figured out!


emily said...

How do we know if we're seeing the whole image? It looks fine to me.

Cowbark said...

It should be pretty obvious - there's usually a white "frame" around the picture, and obviously you won't see it on the right edge if the right side of the picture is cut off.

Lana said...

Pics look fine to me.
Also- how did the oatmeal turn out? Did it get gummy when you reheated?