Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Ten on Tuesday

I read a lot of blogs by professional photogs, and one of my favorites is by a woman in Texas who has adorable children and takes amazing photographs. Every Tuesday, she posts 10 on Tuesday. I decided to steal try it.

1. This morning I was torn between excitement and "are you serious?!" when I saw that Starbucks has broken out the red cups. Then at lunch I got a Holiday Coke can. I feel like it's too early, but part of me was thinking last week about how I can't wait for the holiday season to start, because it's really my favorite season of the year.

2. I hate that it's so dark out before I'm even thinking about leaving work.

3. I voted. I hope the rest of you (Americans) did, too.

4. Barley usually sleeps at my feet all night (or at least is there every time I wake up), but for the last few nights he's already been downstairs when I wake up in the morning. I miss him keeping my feet warm.

5. Champ usually sleeps downstairs, but for the last few nights she's been sleeping in between our legs for part of the night.

6. Usually that part of the night starts right after a wrestling match that takes place on top of my legs.

7. I don't want to be watching the election returns, but Pete has them on. I just want to listen to music and turn on the TV around 10 when there's a better indication of what is happening. I think I'll go upstairs and try to ignore it.

8. I think I'll have some of my yummy Dagoba Chai Chocolate tonight. My soul needs it.

9. I still haven't adjusted to setting the clocks back Saturday night - I was up at least 30 minutes before my alarm went off both yesterday and today.

10. Even though it annoys me, it means that I get to work early, and I like how quiet the office is when there are only a few of us there and the phones aren't ringing yet.

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