Tuesday, January 20, 2009

10 on Tuesday

1. How do you get through today without discussing the inauguration? You don't. How awesome! How awesome to watch the direction of a country change not because of violence and fighting, but because of the power it's people used to VOTE for that change. How awesome to think that it's time to reprint the history books, folks. HOW. FREAKING. AWESOME.

2. My senior year in college was the first presidential election I voted in, and I voted for Gore. Bush won. I remember talking to my parents about it after the fact, and Dad said to me "Sarah, it will be okay. We've been through it before, and it will be okay. 'k?" He's so smart, that Dad of mine! Thinking back, I wonder if our country needed that to happen to make today happen. Maybe it's my hippy/karmic point of view, but I can't imagine that if we'd had a democrat in office 8 years ago we would have our first black president in office today.

3. You know what you shouldn't do the day before an event like the inauguration? Watch movies about conspiracies to shoot/kidnap the president. Pete and I watched Vantage Point yesterday, and the entire time I was watching the inauguration today I kept thinking "I hope he's wearing a bulletproof vest under that suit of his".

4. Last inauguration related one, promise - how dang cute are his daughters? And how much do we love Michelle's outfit today? It's going to be a fun four years watching his sweet daughters (loved seeing them taking pictures of his speech!), checking out his wife's style, and listening to his speeches.

5. One of the perks of working for one of the largest philanthropic givers in the S&P500 is that I get free entrance at local museums. We've always gotten into the MFA, Aquarium, ICA, and Museum of Science. This quarter the list expanded to include the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. The Gardner owns my favorite painting, and I'm excited to be able to visit it any time I'd like.

6. Adding to the list of 2009 personal goals: visit a museum at least once a month. Starting this weekend! Anyone care to join me?

7. You know what is the perfect amount of snackiness? The fruit and cheese plate from Starbucks.

8. I've talked before about my totally awesome can't-live-without-her massage therapist (go there, tell her I sent you). I had an appointment today and I loved it! In addition to the massagey awesomeness, they have heated pads on the tables and it's so nice to lay on that toasty table and get a massage when it's chilly outside.

9. I don't usually crave sweets, but right now I could really go for a chocolate lava cake with vanilla ice cream. Probably because I'm watching Biggest Loser, and it's kind of the law that you have to eat something unhealthy while you watch it.

10. Today's photo is the sunrise this morning - it was beautiful. What an awesome way to start the day! I took the photo from the parking lot at the trolley stop, and I need to read up on taking sunrise photos as this was my first attempt. Someday when it's not freezing I'll drag my butt out of bed on a weekend and bring my tripod over to Milton Landing to get an awesome sunrise photo.

PS - new haircut!


Lana said...

The haircut is cute! Does it take long to make it look like that? or is it a simple blow dry/ apply product? My problem with short hair is it never looked as good as the day I got it cut ;)

Cowbark said...

It's super fast in the morning - blow dry (and I use a brush to straighten just the bangs - the rest I just use my fingers) and then put a light wax or shine creme in and walk away. about five minutes max!