Monday, January 05, 2009

Experiencing Delays

I was rushing home from work to make it to a resident meeting for our apartment building, so when I caught an Ashmont train right when I stepped on the platform at South Station and then saw a trolley waiting as I came up the stairs at Ashmont I was happy with my T luck. And then the trolley tried to pull out of the no avail. They kicked us off the trolley and then the trolley behind coupled to it and pushed it out while we all stood on the (freezing cold) platform. We could see the next three trolleys lined up on the tracks and at the next stop, but had to wait quite a while for dispatch to give them the okay to actually pull up to the station. 

I don't know how I've come to have such a zen approach to the T, but delays like this don't phase me. Everyone else on the platform grumbled, stomped their feet, made comments to each other about how they could see the next trolley and why wasn't it moving, or made calls on their cell to complain to someone at home about it. Me? I was happy reading my magazine, and then put it away for a bit to take some photos. You know this is significant because I was also standing in the freezing cold and I still wasn't complaining!


Anonymous said...

So...where are the photos of the pissed of platform people?

Cowbark said...

Would you want to turn your camera on a bunch of cranky T riders? I don't think so.

Clueless in boston said...

Sometimes you just have to have a zen approach to the T else you can go mad.

Glad I found your blog; I didn't know the Boston one was just a sideline.

Cowbark said...

Hey there! I'm glad you found it, too! I've thought about restarting the Boston blog, but then I always decide that you do a much better job anyway. :)

The T will make you crazy if you let it...I just don't see the point in getting angry or annoyed. It won't make the train come/go faster, so you might as well just take the time as a gift and relax!

Or maybe it's just because I'm addicted to playing Scrabble on my cell phone, so delays mean more Scrabble time?

'Whalehead' King said...

Any day you get to take the High-Speed is a good day. You have the right attitude. Some nights I wish I didn't have to get off at JFK/UMASS so I could take a jostling trolley ride just for the fun of it.

Swifty said...

hey... i'm all zen about metro down here in dc. agreed, if you can't be rational and patient about it, it'll drive you crazy.