Tuesday, February 17, 2009

10 on Tuesday

1. We're back from vacation. Working for a living is for the birds!

2. I had planned on keeping this up to date during vacation, but our internet was slow (and sometimes non-existent) and I didn't have the patience to upload photos.

3. One of the fun things about spending a week with your oldest friends is that you get a glimpse of their daily life and who they are now. I realize that sounds funny because they're my oldest friends and I should know who they are, and this will be a horrible attempt at explaining myself. When I watch my friends with their children and see what a great parent they are, or with their SO (that's "significant other", for those of you not in the know) and see what a great partner they are, or even just when you watch them interacting with our other friends, sometimes I see things like that and it's a little...stunning isn't the word. Overwhelming? I guess that will work...overwhelming to see what a great person they've become. This is not to say they weren't always great, but how you look at your friends when you're 15 is more than a bit different than how you look at them when you're 29. This is cheesy, and mushy, and whatever, but it's true: there were moments when I watched my friends over vacation and was so proud of who they are, who they've become.

4. On a similar mushy note: In the car after we had left, Pete mentioned how well behaved he thinks Keagan is. His comment was that he was impressed with the K-man's behavior throughout the week - not throwing tantrums when he was told he couldn't do something he wanted to, not yelling to get attention, saying please and thank you, things like that. I think it's a testament to Alannah and Erik being good parents, and a huge one at that. That makes me proud, and seeing them with Keagan is one of those things that sometimes incurs the moments I'm talking about in #3.

5. Still slightly related, I have recently gotten back in touch with a number of people from high school and college who I had lost touch with and had been trying to track down for some time. I think that one of the coolest things about these reconnections is that I get to see what people have grown up to be, and many cases it has struck me as being totally perfect for them, and it makes me so happy to see them doing what they do because I just KNOW that they must be so good at it. Moms, nurses, teachers - it makes me happy to see them doing something that I know they must be great at.

6. Significantly less mushy, and totally unrelated: I went to the gym yesterday and there was a Real Housewives of NYC marathon on. I spent 30 minutes on the elliptical and 45 minutes on the treadmill. I should go to the gym during Real Housewives marathons more often. Or just go to the gym more often, really.

7. You know what wasn't great about vacation? Yeah, spending the week with a dog totally added to my already extreme puppy fever. I NEED A DOG, PEOPLE. And STAT. Like, yesterday. Only not really, because we can't fit a dog in this apartment so we need to move first. T minus 3.5 months.

8. We bought a TV this weekend. It's 32 inches of LCD yumminess, and we love it. Movie night at our house, come on over! 32 inches feels really big when your last TV was 21 inches of square, CRT, horrible sounding grossness.

9. Perhaps the awesomest thing about the new TV is that it has enough inputs for all our other stuff - 360, XBox, Tivo - so we could get rid of the switcher box we were using, AND we were able to program the Tivo remote to control the TV on/off, audio, and input so we went from three remotes (TV, Tivo, stereo because the old TVs speakers were so horrible) to one, wohooo!

10. That one, up there, that you saw ten hours ago when you started reading this post. That's our one remote. And that smiley guy in the middle? He's the little Tivo guy that is currently recording Biggest Loser while we stream Netflix, so that I can start watching around an hour into the show. You know why? Because I realized last week that watching Biggest Loser when you can't fast forward through all the commercials and the repetitiveness is annoying.

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Lana said...

Awww... I'm touched, Sarah. You can let Pete know though, that Keagan definitely knows how to throw a tantrum with the best of them :) But in general, I can't take all the credit, it has a lot to do with the child's innate temperament, but I'll still take the compliment :)
Sorry Willow gave you doggy fever. You must want one badly, because he's a brat ;)