Tuesday, February 24, 2009

10 on Tuesday

1. Someone has a cold. Can you guess who? When you blow through (literally) 2 boxes of tissues in 4 days, it doesn't matter if they've got lotion on/in them - your nose still turns bright red and everyone that looks at you says "got a cold?" I'm feeling much better today - day 6 of ass kicking cold...the box of tissues I bought this morning may actually last more than two days!

2. Not only is my ass getting kicked by a cold, it is also getting frozen by the cold. Is it spring yet?

3. I've been a bad blogger lately, I know. I haven't picked up my camera much since vacation. In fact, I've picked it up twice since then. I'm not really sure why, just not feeling particularly inspired. I'm going to make an effort to change that starting now. I also still haven't gotten through editing my photos from vacation, so I'm going to set aside some time to do that this weekend. I do have a few more that I'll post here, and I'll link to them when I do so you don't have to keep looking back. Because I like to do what I can to make your life easier, friend.

4. Last weekend was fun - lots of relaxing with Pete and watching Survivor Man and Deadliest Catch. I spent some time at the gym, including catching up on the latest Real Housewives episode and a relaxing (although challenging when you can't breath through your nose!) yoga class Sunday morning. Lunch Sunday with an old friend at a fantastic new-to-me brunch place, and dinner/Oscars Sunday night with our old roommate.

5. I'm happy to report that I have tested and confirmed that drinking hard cider does not trigger my migraines. Vodka is the other tested and confirmed safe drink. I have some gin that I need to test a few more times before I'm confident it's safe as well. FYI - it was my boss who encouraged me to just give up the wine and test out other drinks to see if they would be okay. Perhaps he thinks I need to relax?

6. About once a week, the cats decide that getting up when my alarm goes off isn't early enough for them, and this week it was this morning. Champ was pacing the ledge behind our headboard meowing before my alarm even went off this morning, and after I snoozed a few times (sorry Pete) she jumped right up into his face. I got up, corralled the animals downstairs and fed them both. Usually this settles them down, Champ stays downstairs and plays and Barley goes back to sleep at Pete's feet. This morning Barley went upstairs...and got frisky. Champ heard him and went upstairs, and a game of chase ensued. Back and forth across the ledge behind the behind the bed, the ledge along the side of the loft, and probably around and under the bed. You know why it ended? Because one of them knocked Pete's bed side lamp off the ledge. Just another example of why those two are LUCKY THEY'RE CUTE.

7. Remember those two classes I took last semester? I knew in October I had gotten an A- in my first class, and for a few weeks after my second class finished I kept checking for my grade online. It hadn't posted by the time I left for Christmas vacation, and I promptly forgot to look for it. Until last week, when I went to get my grades to submit for tuition reimbursement and found I'd gotten an A- in that class as well, woohoo!

8. Speaking of school, I had put off officially applying because the program I was interested in was no longer listed on the website. This past week, I got an email from one of my professors saying that the program is still in place even though it wasn't online and encouraging me to apply. Guess I need to get cracking on a "statement of professional goals".

9. I bought 5 boxes of Girl Scout cookies on Friday after work (3 Tagalongs and 2 Samoas, if you're wondering) and managed to only eat 2 of them (um, that's boxes not cookies) over the weekend, with help from Pete, Jamie, and Ryan for the record. And then...then...I polished off an entire box of Tagalongs yesterday with very little help from Pete. It's a minor miracle that I haven't polished off the open box of Samoas today. But the day isn't over yet...

10. I was at the gym four days last week, and it's shocking to me how noticeable of a difference it makes. My neck and shoulders are so screwed up despite the monthly body work, but working out this past week has made such an enjoyable difference that I'm not really sure why I ever stopped going to the gym on a regular basis. Now I just need to buy more gym clothes so I can go more often without having to do laundry more often! ;)

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