Tuesday, March 24, 2009

10 on Tuesday

1. Look at me, back to the right days of the week again! :)

2. Let's start with how Barley has been spending at least 75% of every day asleep on top of the orange blanket for the past few days. It's been warmer so the blanket has been folded on the back of the couch rather than on my lap most of the time, and Barley is not willing to share. Sometimes Champ jumps up almost on top of him (I think to try and get him to wake his ass up and play with her), but he doesn't usually give up any territory to her.

3. Pete and I re-signed our lease today. We're excited about that on a few fronts....first because we got the mgmt company to lower our rent increase, second because we also gave them a list of repairs we haven't called in yet and are excited to get those fixed, and third because it means we don't have to move. No moving is awesome, because Pete and I have very different moving styles. By that I meant that he would pack three weeks in advance and then sleep on the floor and eat off paper plates until we move, whereas I would pack slowly in the last three weeks and leave 1 of all the necessities unpacked until the last day so that we don't have to live like squatters.

4. Training for the 3 Day has begun (and that's a whole other blog that needs updating), and so far so good! I've managed to recruit one more team member to walk with us, and have one more person thinking about it. The weather is slowly warming up and the walks are slowly getting longer. I still need to sort out walking plans for this weekend, but I'm super excited to be training in the same city I'm walking in so that I have lots of training buddies on the same schedule as me this year.

5. Surprisingly, there are still a number of Girl Scout cookies in our freezer. I think Pete had to pick his jaw up off the floor when he was getting some out for himself today and I told him I didn't want any. Frankly, I surprised myself a little bit there.

6. Please note that the above is especially surprising given that it's Biggest Loser night. Maybe even more surprising given that I'm also watching last week's episode as well as tonight's. I like that I can actually watch Biggest Loser twice as fast on Tivo, and watching two weeks at a time is really nice - start the previous week's episode at 8, finish it at 9 and then start from the beginning of the current episode and finish that at 10. I think this says a lot about the amount of commercials and repetitive footage that they show. Seriously.

7. I saw this quote today and thought "truest words ever spoken": There's never enough time to do all the nothing you want. Bill Watterson

8. I'm a little upset with the President for his 8:00 news conference that pushed back Biggest Loser by an hour and is keeping me up past my bedtime. I'm equally upset at AIG for causing all the ruckus that inspired the news conference.

9. You know what's hot? Pete washing dishes. Yup.

10. Good night!

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