Tuesday, April 07, 2009

10 on Tuesday

1. I got a customer sat survey from Starbucks the other day when I was there, and you get a free beverage if you take the survey and write the little code it gives you on your receipt. I redeemed that today, and I think my chai tasted better because it was free.

2. I did 3 loads of laundry last night. I also threw out a number of socks that were holey, and put in a bag a number of clothing pieces that I haven't worn in years or don't need (seriously, how many pairs of pajama pants does a person need?!). If I can do a load of sheets and towels and a load of delicates tonight, I think that will get rid of every. single. pile. of (my) clothes that have been littering the bedroom for weeks. It is AMAZING how much nicer the bedroom is without piles of clothing everywhere. For the record, Pete is not the offender here, it's entirely me.

3. Some of you know that I've been working on the Apartment Therapy Home Cure, and so have been chipping away at cleaning, decluttering, and making some overall improvements around the house. I get so excited every time I finish something that it catapults me into the next something, and I'm loving it! Over the weekend I: removed the bookshelf from the top of the stairs, replaced it with the bookshelf that was beside the front door, hung a shelf next to the door where the bookshelf used to be (to be joined by hooks for my purses), replaced the kitchen light fixture (lead to cleaning the counters - a well lit kitchen makes it harder to ignore a not clean kitchen!), tightened the wobbly legs on the coffee table (lead to dusting and decluttering the shelf underneath...goodbye 200+ CDs I haven't touched in years, goodbye puzzle that has been in progress for four years!), and cut out paper in the shape of the frames to be hung on the wall above Pete's desk and tested out arrangements. I can't wait to get more done this weekend. Eventually, our apartment will not look like a slob (that's me, not Pete) lives there.

4. Speaking of this weekend, the lovely Ros will be in town from Melbourne, and I'm very excited about that. And not because she's restocking my Caramello Koala and Violet Crumble stash, but because it's been a year since she moved back home, I don't know when I'll see her again, and I miss her!

5. I bought a new pillow over the weekend, and it's made for some very good nights' sleep. Note to self: buying the $7 pillows from Target is not worth it, spring for the $25 pillows at Ikea.

6. I posted a training walk for this Saturday morning - 8 AM on the Charles...the loops is 7.5 miles but can be shortened to 6, 4.5, or 2 miles. If you're local and interested in joining shoot me an email and I'll get you the info. You don't have to be walking the 3 Day to join us, you just have to be over 16 and sign a liability waiver. But you should walk the 3 Day, too...

7. Pete and I watched Quantum Solace on Sunday night, and it wasn't that good. Maybe Bond movies need to be seen in the theater since the action is really the highlight?

8. I have pictures from the weekend to post here, but I haven't edited them yet. Hopefully I'll catch up this weekend. I'm also posting this without a photo because I didn't take any pictures today and I'm curled up on the couch under a blanket, too comfy to get up now.

9. Anyone else think the drama on Biggest Loser is kicking up to a ridiculous notch? Yeah, I could live without it. Wallaby, wanna watch with me next week? I'll make choco chip cookies for our dose of unhealthy.

10. Baseball season is in full swing (ha!) at our house - Pete has subscribed to MLB TV and has had his second monitor playing baseball games for the last two nights. Unfortunately they black out games that you can watch locally, which means audio only for Red Sox games. Better than the crappy reception from the radio we used to listen on.

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