Tuesday, April 14, 2009

10 on Tuesday

1. My new cell phone left Santa Clarita, CA, last night at 8:52 PM. I do believe I'll continue to stalk that purchase until it arrives. Hopefully prior to this weekend, but I'm not holding my breath.

2. If I have time this weekend, I'm going to paint the wall in my kitchen orange. I'm nervous that with the new (brighter) light fixture it's going to be too bright and crazy. Guess there's only one way to find out!

3. I have back to back baby showers this weekend, and I'm excited for that. Baby shower #1 is Jack & Jill and baby shower #2 is girls only, so it will be a nice chance to hang out with everyone over the weekend. I am not excited to be getting up early to do my walking before all the baby shower prep and actual baby showering.

4. My hair is growing like crazy lately. I swear it didn't grow out this quickly last time I got it cut, and she even cut it shorter this time than last! Crazy. It grows out really well though. If anyone in Boston needs a hair dresser, I've got one for you who is awesome. And used to live in the building I do now. And prior to that lived on the same street on JP that I did. If I continue to move to the same neighborhoods/buildings she does, it seems I'll be moving to the South End next. I wouldn't complain (but I would be broke).

5. Oh my, friends! It is one heck of a tear inducing Biggest Loser this week. Makeovers with reveals/reunions? Yup, I'm done. Someone get me some tissues.

6. On the way home from work, I sat next to a woman on the T who was making condolence calls. As in "I'm so sorry to hear about your father's death, it's such a huge loss to the community." Um...don't we think there's maybe a better time and place for making a call like that? As in not while the driver is announcing that we'll be standing by due to a medical emergency at Ashmont?

7. I did yoga last night (thanks Yoga Today!), and it started with some intense ab work. Well, at least intense to me who hasn't done any ab work in years. I have paid for that all day today every time I laugh or cough. I can also feel it in my hips and legs, and it's good. More tomorrow I think. Hopefully without the ab work. Owie.

8. Pete and I saw a bird that we cannot identify in the river on our way home from our walk tonight. If you know who this guy is, please share. Not the Canada Goose, we know who he is (he's also the daddy to the eggs that his honey is currently sitting on!).

9. We have so much chocolate in the house it's ridiculous. I also have a stash in my drawer at work. It completely counteracts the fact that I've been drinking less Starbucks and Coke, and having salad with lunch most weekdays. I will be happy when it runs out and I can try to be healthy again.

10. I realize this will be shocking to many of you, but I'm actually struggling to come up with a 10 here tonight, so I'm going to bed. Peace out homies. Oh, and make sure you look back - I've caught up with posts from last weekend through today.


Sar said...

Stop it... I grew up in Santa Clarita, CA...

Swifty said...

your mystery bird... i'm pretty sure it's the black-crowned night-heron: http://preview.tinyurl.com/cw29vv


Cowbark said...

Swifty, I think you're right! It's funny because Pete said he thought it was some kind of heron, but all the other heron we've seen along there or further down the river have been the tall ones.

How did you even know that? I should send you some kind of prize for identifying him the fastest.