Tuesday, May 12, 2009

10 on Tuesday

Let's get back on track here, I know it's been a few weeks...

1. Last Tuesday, instead of writing my 10 on Tuesday and taking a picture to go with it, I was out for dinner with Ma and Bec to get all the good news from Bec and Pepe's wedding! Bec mentioned that one of her friends had resolved this year to always take a full hour for lunch, and always leave the office to do it. Since she started, she's been feeling more focused and productive in the afternoons, and after hearing about it I decided I needed to do that. I have a nasty habit of just eating at my desk, but then around 2 or 3 every afternoon I hit that lull - where I need a nap or a snack. Anyway, I've started taking walks at lunch time over the last few days, and it's been the perfect weather for it. Cool enough to not be a sweaty beast when I get back to the office, warm enough to not freeze to death even when I'm along the water and the wind blows.

2. I missed last week's Biggest Loser (because I was out partying with Ma and Bec), and am currently Tivoing this week's while I read the recap of last week's on Television Without Pity. It's been a long time since I've read recaps on there, and I realize now that in the case of Biggest Loser, it may actually be more entertaining to just read the recaps each week than to watch the show. But then I'd miss out on the fun of yelling at the TV every time the contestants are dumb, and I bet Pete would hate it if that stopped.

3. I've been reading my way through a blog I found recently, Green as a Thistle, from post one. I'm a closet environmentalist (there's a blog for that, too), so I love reading blogs where normal people do projects like that (making one green change every day for a year, if you're too lazy to click through). It's probably going to take me a while to get current on Green as a Thistle, as I'm only on day 331 and she's been blogging for a year after she finished her 365.

4. Barley loves chewing on plastic bags. Recently he chewed a hole in a bag that made me wonder if there was a mouse in our house. We don't have a lot of plastic bags in our house, and most of them get used for scooping the kitty litter, so we keep them away from him. Today, Pete replaced the bag in the bathroom garbage can, and so every 30 minutes or so we just hear the sound of plastic being chewed come from the bathroom.

5. The bag that Barley chewed a mouse-like hole in was turned over to the cats as to play with/chew on. And apparently for Champ, to sleep in. Twice the other day Pete discovered her curled up inside of it, sleeping, with just the tip of a paw or tail poking out.

6. Wooohooo! Emily is back on the 10 on Tuesday wagon. Maybe she'll stay with us this time. ;)

7. Seriously?! Three hours for the Biggest Loser finale? I can't stay up for that crap! I'm about to catch up to current on Tivo, and I think once I know who won the at-home I'll turn the TV off and watch the last hour (seriously, how is it an hour for them to tell us who of the final three won? That's ridic) tomorrow night. This is a warning to any of you that watch not to spoil it for me before then.

8. I was chipping away at the Apartment Therapy Home Cure for a while there, but about half way through my social life (yup, I really do have one) got very much in the way. I kept saying I would get back on track, but I haven't. The small changes I made in those first 4 weeks were awesome though, and I think that it's time to get back into the Cure mindset and revisit my Cure to do list again. Starting with painting my kitchen wall orange.

9. The last few mornings Barley has been waking me up about 30 minutes before my alarm by racing around the house sounding like an elephant, with the starting line somewhere between Pete and I. Apparently it's not just the starting line, because he usually rockets himself back onto the bed at least once or twice, and then back off when I sit part way up and glare at him. We have no idea what has gotten into him. If he weren't doing it when I was trying to sleep, I would probably think it's cute.

10. We got our invitation for Whitney and Ed's wedding in Minnesota this past week, so I guess we need to start making some travel plans. And hopefully some baseball game watching plans. And baby meeting plans. And Jamie and Jessie wedding plans. And Pete's fam visiting plans. That's gonna be a bit of a busy trip, and it falls right after the 3 Day. Until a friend asked the other day what our weekends looked like in July and August, I didn't realize how crazy of a month July was going to be! It will be nice to see August roll around I think.


Lana said...

Don't forget two babies arriving in June/July :) Busy summer!! :) Hope you get a nice big vacay :)

Sar said...

My get out of the office is to go say hi to Wilbur! It works and I love getting out mid day. I also save money by eating at home rather than in the cafe... because Im too lazy to make lunches at nite or in the morning... will never happen!
Yay for fun & busy summers!

Sar said...

ps: yea... about AT Cure.. Need to get back on that STAT! Next week for sure!