Tuesday, May 26, 2009

10 on Tuesday

1. Wow. That long weekend was awesome. Not awesome? Being back at work today! It wasn't a particularly horrible day, but when you start the day by spending an hour waiting for your computer to download a security update while you can't do anything but twiddle your thumbs (or make a giant, scary, to do list)...well, it just makes it that much harder to go back to work after the long weekend!

2. Fun things from this weekend...Saturday I shot some maternity portraits of Mike and Leyre, which you can see here (Leyre, I added a few more so make sure you look). Please let me know which ones you like and why, I'd love feedback on them! Please don't leave comments telling me that the titles for the pictures suck - it was late when I was uploading them and I was tired and uncreative. On Sunday SB and I did a training walk with some of the other Boston 3 Dayers. Including our walk from the T to meet them and the detour when I missed a turn in the North End it was 15 miles. Monday SB and I walked 9ish miles on a route that ended in the pool/hot tub at Maria's house. There's a distinct possibility that we will plan all of our future training walks to end there. Yup.

3. Anyone seen Happy Feet? I heart Mambo, but I HEART his little Mexican penguin friends! I watched that last night while doing laundry. Pete and I also watched WALL-E this weekend, and that was very cute as well! Have I ever mentioned how much I love that we can stream Netflix on the 360?

4. I have a massage tomorrow, and I know I've mentioned how much I love Stephanie! I have a nice little surprise for her on my back, in the form of really awesome sun burn/tan lines from my apparently not so water-proof sun block. I think because it's spray and not lotion? But nothing is grosser than putting lotion on when you're walking 15 miles in Boston summer humidity and you're sweaty and disgusting. I may need to figure out some other sun block plan of attack for the pool-after-walking plans.

5. Tonight Pete and I got Ice Creamsmith. It was d-e-licious! They do three flavors of the month, and one of this month's flavors is black raspberry, which is a favorite of mine...and there's not much time left this month to eat it!

6. The cats have been extra hyper lately. Apparently the break they took from the 5 AM Kitty Olympic Games is over, because this morning there were no fewer than 6 times where I quickly looked over to the edge of the loft because it sounded like one of them was surely about to go over. I may start locking them in separate closets at night. Please don't call the MSPCA on me. I just need to sleep.

7. When I'm not trying to sleep, though...the kitty antics are pretty hilarious. Tonight I saw Barley jump about three feet straight up into the air, and that's one of my favorite crazy cat moves. When not being ridiculously hyper, Barley has been extra snuggly lately. I'm hoping that Champ witnesses how not evil snuggling is and starts getting more snuggly herself.

8. I can't decide if it's really nice that all of the TV shows I watch regularly are done for the season, or really sad.

9. What happened to the warm weather? I wore cropped yoga pants and a long sleeved shirt to walk tonight, and as soon as I stepped outside I was wishing I had worn sweat pants! Wasn't I basking in the sun at the pool just yesterday?

10. I'm behind on my 3 Day training blog, and my goal for tomorrow is to catch up! I have a bunch of pictures from recent training walks and need to get them posted over there. I figure putting it here makes me accountable...right? I said it out loud, now I have to do it.

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Lana said...

Just saw the Leyre shots again- with the additions. Love the bench ones.