Tuesday, August 11, 2009

10 on Tuesday

  1. Where to begin....since Pete just fired up the 360 for some Netflix viewing, let's start there. Pete and I recently added Dhani Tackles the Globe to our instant queue and have been watching it more or less non stop since then (we're about to finish the first season and have to wait a year for the 2nd - boooooo). Yeah, I've got a crush on him. Not even a crush really, I just want to be his best friend and travel the world with him. I'll let him do the "tackling" of new sports. This minor obsession has only been furthered by the fact that a friend of of a friend was hit on and taken out to dinner by Dhani around Christmas and is going on her first official date with him soon...I want her to date him, and then I want to weasel my way into his life and be his best friend. This could TOTALLY WORK. Right?
  2. Speaking of Netflix on the 360, we just downloaded the updates so that we can now browse Netflix and select movies directly from the XBox (previously we could only access what we'd already placed in our instant queue). Could my life possibly get lazier? And awesomer? Seriously, we love streaming Netflix. It has completely ruined us for watching live TV and having to sit through commercials.
  3. Those apples up there, in case you're wondering, are the ones I bought from the fruit guy outside South Station this morning. You get 3 pieces of fruit for $1.25, and I stop and get fruit every once in a while when I'm trying to be healthy. Sometimes it works!
  4. I had a really, really awesome weekend last weekend. It was my first since early March that I didn't have to do a training walk! I guess officially last last weekend was the first I didn't have to walk, but I had about 14 hours of driving and two weddings that weekend so I don't think that counts.
  5. We kicked off the weekend by heading to Tavolo Friday night to hang out at the bar, eat delicious dinner (CANNOT go wrong with the spaghetti alla vodka), and watch the Red Sox game. It was nice to relax with good food and good wine (and good people watching, since the Sox watching wasn't so hot), and Pete isn't a big fan of their menu so I was pretty excited when he asked if I wanted to go there for dinner.
  6. On Saturday, we headed to Boston Common - with our brand new $10 camp chairs, snacks, and a Sigg bottle full of wine - to see Shakespeare on the Common. This year is The Comedy of Errors, and it was quite entertaining. Totally worth the (free) price of admission!
  7. Sunday night we took our camp chairs out again (gotta get our money's worth!) and went to see Boston Landmarks Orchestra at the park up the street. This was not quite as entertaining, but it was still fun and nice to get out. Plus, we were home in time for Pete to catch the kickoff of the first football game of the season (Which he watched about 20 minutes of, because really? Who cares about the Hall of Fame game? I think he was just excited to see football on TV).
  8. Barley has been very snuggly with me lately. This is very uncharacteristic of him, he usually prefers to snuggle Pete, but both today and yesterday he jumped into Pete's lap and walked right across it to settle into mine! I'll take it, even if it means I end up covered in a layer of fur when he gets up. We may need to invest in a furminator.
  9. I still haven't unpacked from WI. Is that a problem? I mean, most of the stuff has found it's way out of the bag...but the bag is still sitting there on the floor of the bedroom with half a dozen things still in it...
  10. And now it's bed time!

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Emma said...

Haha....So I hear their may be updates soon on your new crush...I'll let you know!