Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

1. Let's start with some talk about our weekend, because it was very nice. We flew down to DC Thursday night and were staying with our friends Pat and Becky. Friday was awesome because we had no plans for the day, so we just bummed around the house with Becky for most of the day. Friday night we got to have dinner and drinks with Whitney, who is stuck in the US while she waits for her visa to be processed so she can go back home (London) to her new husband. Stinky for them, but bonus for us!

2. Saturday I got up and wandered around Eastern Market for a few hours, chai in hand. I got back to Pat and Becky's just in time for pancakes, which was awesome. Saturday night was Jenn and Jason's wedding (the reason we were in DC), which was very fun. And a reminder of just how long and painful Catholic wedding ceremonies can be. Especially when the priest takes a 5 second pause before every sentence. And sometimes in the middle of them.

3. Sunday we headed out to my sister Jen and BIL Jon's house to meet up with the fam and celebrate Mom's birthday (which was on Saturday), and were surprised to walk into the house and find my brother David was there as well. Apparently Jen had done some scheming and got David down there to surprise Mom, which in turn surprised the rest of us. It was good fun, and any time Jen and Jon cook it's yummy! I think this was the first time since Christmas of 2006 (or was it 2007?) when we had all of us together. Of course there are photos, and of course I haven't gotten to editing them yet so I haven't posted them yet. Hold your horses, Emily.

4. Also on Sunday, I got to chat with my sister Jen about some of the little stuffed animals she crochets. She is definitely a much more advanced crocheter than I, but the very cute penguin she had lying around inspired me to give some amigurimi a shot, and I decided on the pattern for these ninja minions because...well, it was free and it seemed like the least complicated of any I've seen! The finished product is what you're looking at above, although I didn't do eyes because I don't have any black thread or yarn to give me little slanty eyes with, so I'll try to acquire some this weekend. I'm pretty happy with it, especially as I learned both how to change colors and how to do a decreasing stitch.

5. I think next on my list of things to crochet will be a new scarf for myself. I found a chunky yarn that I love, so just need to find a pattern I like and start crocheting...and hopefully that will happen before I actually need the scarf!

6. I'm starting to get over my "I got cheated out of summer" feeling and enjoy the cool weather we've been having...although it's been so cold in the mornings that I'm snuggling under a blanket when I'm checking email and weather before I leave for work! It might be time to start closing some windows around here.

7. Champ is currently sitting on the arm of our chair, staring straight up at the paper lantern that hangs next to it, completely still. She is one weird little cat.

8. You know what else was awesome about DC over the weekend? Sleeping in a bedroom directly next to a bathroom (no crossing the apartment, going downstairs, and crossing the apartment again to get to the bathroom in the middle of the night), and not having a 6am furry wake up call.

9. Even awesomer than that? Coming home to cats so well fed that they didn't even provide a 6am furry wake up call!

10. I know Biggest Loser started tonight, and I know that some of you are waiting for me to talk about it. Here's what I have to say: I'm not wasting my time this year. They lost me with the 3 hours season finale in the spring - too much time wasted on montages and repeating footage. Surprisingly, I'm not sad about it at all...I think Biggest Loser has run it's course.

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