Thursday, April 01, 2010

Lower Mills

Our lease at the Chocolate Factoy is up soon and we'll be moving. I'm really really hoping we can find something new in the area, because there are a million things I will miss when we move away. Among them: the gorgeous views along the bike path when running/walking, getting frappes from The Ice Creamsmith, browsing through Streamline Antiques with a super tasty iced mocha from Flat Black, watching the Neponset River every morning/evening when I cross the bridge to the trolley stop, waiting for the single headlight of the adorable (and orange!) trolleys, chatting with the owners at Esprit du Vin while they recommend cheese and wine for fondue... I swear that's a partial list, even if it seems lengthy.


Liz said...

What about Lower Mills Pub?

Cowbark said...

Hi Liz!

I did say the list was partial! ;) To be honest, I've never been into Lower Mills Pub! I like to imbibe in places that are a little less dark and cavernous. Maybe we'll have a drink there before we move out and give it a fair shot though!

Helene said...

I used to live near The Chocolate Factory when they still made chocolate...sometimes, in the late afternoon an unexpected breeze would fill the air followed by the delicious aroma of sweet, rich chocolate. It would have been a dream come true to actually live there...Heaven!!