Thursday, June 03, 2010


We've been super busy packing, moving, and now unpacking, so I've barely touched my camera (although I did remember where I had packed it Tuesday, so at least I know where it is again!). Here are some very random updates on the move to tide you over for a bit. ;)

Anyone on Facebook already knows this, but while we were in the process of moving our furniture on Sunday, someone took our four BRIGHT orange kitchen chairs from the courtyard where we were loading the moving truck. I was really upset. It took me a few hours to get over it, and by the time we had turned in our keys I was calm enough (and sad enough) to leave a nice note by the door asking whoever had taken them to please call me and return them. After a full day went by and I hadn't heard anything, I thought I was never going to see them again. And Ikea doesn't sell them in orange anymore. Yesterday on Craigslist I found a single orange one, but didn't think it was worth buying just the one. About an hour later I got a call from a number I didn't recognize, and it was a guy that lives in our old building saying his buddy thought our chairs were trash and took them, and that now he has them and will meet me with them. Yay! One quick Zipcar trip after work and my orange chairs are back with me, where they belong!

It's funny what you think is awesome when your fist move. Our list is probably still growing, but so far: the AHmazing water pressure in the shower, the timer on the oven, being able to buy beer & wine at the grocery store. There are also a few things that we didn't expect to take adjusting to but have. Among them: grocery shopping (it takes twice as long to find everything because it's a totally different store than our old one) and having to actually walk into a room or yell to be heard from a different part of the apartment. You would think this is common sense, but three years in an open loft was enough for us to forget that you can't just speak in a normal voice and expect someone on the opposite side of an apartment with doors and walls to hear you!
We still have a good amount of unpacking and getting settled to do (which, for the record, is almost entirely my fault - Pete's done most of the work so far), but so far so good! Even the cats have stopped hiding under the bed all day!

I'll be back with pictures when we're a bit more settled....

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emily said...

I remember when we first moved in to our condo, and I said for the very first time, "I'm going upstairs now." It was momentous at the time. And now every time I have to make another trip upstairs or downstairs because I forgot something - what a pain, but the novelty of being in a new place and realizing new things is fun while it lasts. Good luck with the unpacking. My least favorite part of moving. :) Planning a party helps force that along.