Thursday, July 22, 2010

Champ wasn't amused when I invaded her peace and quiet in the bedroom to take a picture. But how sweet is she? She's slowly recovering from her fall a week ago. I think the most noticeable difference between before her fall and now is that Barley is more desperate for our attention because he doesn't have Champ to chase and play with right now.

Slightly unrelated: I'm on vacation! Sorta kinda...I need to log on for a few hours tomorrow afternoon to tie up a few loose ends, but at least I can do that from home. My plans for vacation: hang shelves and artwork, edit overdue photos, cheer on the 3 Day walkers, get a haircut, read, squeeze in as much yoga as possible...and then head to DC/NoVA to throw a baby shower for my sister and visit with friends and their new baby. I'm very excited.

Totally unrelated: I was playing with the layout here last week and I still haven't quite worked out the picture situation. Bear with me, it's on my list of things to sort out while on vacation!

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