Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Hamptons (daaaaaahling)

You guys! I'm making progress on my fall to do list! This here is evidence of number four. And an awesome weekend.  

Four of us drove down together and thoroughly enjoyed our extended girls time - we usually manage a girls night each month, but 36 hours in a row? Now that's a girls weekend! We got lucky and had gorgeous weather for our drive and ferry rides. With no major snafus we made it to Sag Harbor with plenty of time to pop into Bay Burger to surprise Joe and get a ridiculously delicious lunch. And because it was my first time there (and will absolutely not be my last!), we documented it. Can you tell I was excited? You guys?! I have a ridiculously high bar when it comes to burgers, and this burger? It cleared that bar easily. SO GOOD.

After lunch we headed over to the shower to cook and set up. The shower was at a property owned by Peconic Land Trust, and I was pretty impressed when we first pulled up in front of the house. But when I walked through the doors? Yeah, I thought I'd died and gone to my mid century modern heaven. If we could take that house and all it's furnishings and artwork and move it to an urban setting? Yes, please! I'll take it! But enough of my babbling - click here  to see a slideshow  of the house and Liza's shower. 


. . . . . said...

Did you know I lived in Sag Harbor for 3 years?? Glad you finally got to experience it!

Sarah G said...

Hey! I thought you lived out there for a while, but I wasn't sure. Is your brother still out there?