Saturday, November 06, 2010

Ken oath

Back in the day, when all my Aussie ex-pat friends still lived here in Boston, we would occasionally attend events on ANZAC or Australia Day and enjoy delicious sausage rolls and meat pies. And they went fast, because it's hard to find Aussie goodies like that around here. Until now. Because now the same guy that used to make those sausage rolls and meat pies has opened up shop and is serving them up, hot and delicious as ever, six days a week! Nomnomnom!

KO Catering & Pies is everything I hoped it would be! They have a huge, awesome community table that you can sit at and eat if you don't order take out, and when I was there I got to chat with one Kiwi and an Aussie couple who were very happy to dig into their meat pies. The owner of the shop also popped out and sat and chatted with us for a bit and it was great to hear him talk about how well they have been doing - selling 250-300 pies a day when he thought they would be selling 50 a day at most. They even sell Milo and Tim Tams!

I had the classic with cheese (because they had already sold out of the classic for the day) and the potato wedges with sour cream and sweet chili sauce. Then I spent the next 36 hours day dreaming about how soon I could go back and do it again!  I'm anxiously waiting for them to get the food truck up and running, and hoping that they'll be parking it near the financial district so I can have meat pies for lunch every once in a while during the week. Or every day.

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