Saturday, April 02, 2011

Swish Swish

4.2.2011 Sabu 3

When Groupon posted a deal for Shabu Restaurant, of course we bought it. And I made sure Anna and Alex saw it, too, because they love Shabu-shabu as much as we do (I think at least half of the emails Anna and I send each other have the subject "swish swish" because we're making plans to get together for shabu). Obviously we invited them to go with us to use ours.

4.2.2011 Sabu 2

As usual, Pete and Alex picked the craziest sounding Sake they could find on the menu. I don't think they have managed to find a more entertaining one than the Poochi-Poochi Nigori Sake from our first visit, but I guess you can't expect ridiculously translated labels on every sake bottle.

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