Saturday, July 09, 2011


7.9.2011 Working From Home

What's it called when you are working, but instead of going into the office you're logged on to the company network externally and at home (or a coffee shop, or a hotel, or wherever)? In my neck of the woods, we always refer to it as "working from home", aka WFH. In my friend Norm's neck of the woods, they refer to it as TCing - Telecommuting. I think that's ridiculous, he thinks WFH is ridiculous....

Anyway, that's not my point . My point is that we're launching a new reporting system at work, which needs to be re-tested to ensure that the correct data is pulling as it's supposed to go live on Monday, and I've been WFH this weekend. Luckily not all weekend, just a few hours each day. These are on the wall above the desk in our office. You know, in case we need some motivation to get our work done.

I shamelessly ripped off these awesome prints, because I ran out of office decor budge before I got to artwork. Clearly I need to make up for it by sending you all to buy pretty things from her store, and then by buying the actual prints themselves as soon as my next bonus/promotion rolls around (which will hopefully also lead to me WFH more often).

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JAG said...

I always put it in my calendar as WAHE, work at home employee, after reading way to much about SAHM. Yes, it does make me laugh, except for when WAHE means working in 100 degrees without air conditioning.