Sunday, August 14, 2011



This bottle of wine was at least $5 more than I usually spend on wine, but when I saw Margaret River on the label I grabbed it without thinking twice. It's been at least three years since I've found wine from Margaret River (Mad Fish is usually the easiest to find, but I haven't found it in Quincy), and over ten years since I've had any from my favorite winery in Margs (who, unfortunately, doesn't have a US distributor).

Just seeing the name on that label at the store brought back a rush of awesome memories - seeing wild kangaroos hop through our camp site with no one there but me and No Neck Larry to witness it, listening to Phil rattle on at 2am about how he wanted to see a wild wombat, hearing all the Aussies complain that there is never good surf when they bring Americans to the Masters (I think it's called the Drug Aware Pro now?), and being on the beach at sunrise watching all my friends surf (on teeny tiny waves).

Can someone invent teleporting already?

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Jen said...

At Blogher, I had the opportunity to try and get some new wines unfortunately, they wanted to mail them to me. :( No new wines for me.