Tuesday, November 29, 2011

10 on Tuesday

Spring Day

1. It was a pretty beautiful spring day today! Only...uh, it's nearly winter? I took a 3 mile walk at lunch to return a book to the library, and it was awesome. I'm so glad I decided to walk instead of taking the T! Even if it is borderline ridiculous to have this warm weather pretty consistently in November.

2. The book I was returning to the library was On The Road, one of the Penguin Best Books...Journeys. And you know what? I'm aborting that item on my Winter To Do List. I've been trying to read through the Penguin Best Books list because I feel like I need to read more classics. I read the Best Minxes over the spring/summer and enjoyed them, but I hated reading On The Road and I just kept wondering how many more books I was going to have to read that I would hate. I'm still trying to decide how to achieve this "read more classics" goal of mine, but I don't think the Penguin list is the way to do it.

3. When I got home from work, I threw a bunch of roasted potatoes and onions that were leftover from Thanksgiving into a pot with some stock (well...with some Better Than Bullion) and a bunch of carrots in an attempt to turn it into a tasty soup. It was such a great idea! SO TASTY.

4. Also when I got home from work, Barley followed me around until I sat down and he could climb into my lap. Apparently he doesn't care about the warmer weather, he's still solidly in snuggle mode.

5. Champ has been getting much more social lately and has been jumping up onto the couch with Pete and I regularly! It's totally out of character for her, but we're hoping it's a sign that she's slowly getting closer to someday, maybe being a snuggly cat. Possibly.

6. I keep having to remind myself that today is only Tuesday - it feels like Wednesday, at least.

7. I am one person away from being done with my Christmas shopping, woohoo! Well...if you don't count Pete. Rumor has it that he was on the naught list this year, though, so not sure if he even deserves a Christmas gift! ;)

8. Pete and I started watching Burn Notice on Netflix and are hooked. I also started watching White Collar. No matter what show I'm watching, in the middle of each episode I'm always thinking that "if only..." the main character from the other show were there! It would solve all their problems!

9. I don't usually have a sweet tooth, but I have for the last few days - mug brownies every night! Pretzel M&Ms with my afternoon tea at work every day! Guess I need to drag myself back onto the treadmill.

10. I've been staying up later than usual lately, but getting up at the usual time and not missing the sleep. I thought maybe that it was actually a better sleep schedule for me and I didn't need the extra 45-60 minutes of sleep I usually get. Imagine what I could do with all the extra time! I could take over the world!!! Only this morning it caught up with me - I snoozed my alarm at least twice without even waking up/knowing it, and now I'm exhausted. I guess I just had a good run for a few days, and now it's back to my regularly scheduled sleep!

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Jennifer Denning said...

Ah Burn Notice. Micheal Westen a favorite of mine.