Sunday, November 20, 2011

Rare Day


Today was the day of rare things.

I woke up before Pete: extremely rare. Unrelated: I took advantage of the situation to continue my Musical Movie Marathon and I put Oliver! on Netflix Instant. I think of all the musicals I watched this weekend, Gigi was my favorite and Oliver! was my second favorite - even if it did make me think of Newsies and I ended up with King of New York stuck in my head all afternoon. Imma wait here while you click through and watch that video......all done? Awesome, right!?! I love it.

Back to the matter at hand! I was up before Pete, which started the day on a rare note. Then after a few hours of lounging around, Pete came to me with an idea to get out of the house and he had a suggestion for something we both wanted to do! This is huge. HUGE. Doubly rare. It's usually me that's itching to get out of the house on the weekend (especially during football season. For the record, I had already set the Tivo to record the Green Bay game), and Pete rarely has any suggestions/opinions on what we should do on excursions.

So off we went, where it was a REE-diculously gorgeous 60 degree day out. Yet another rarity for late November! We got lunch, split up to check out a few stores (Guitar Center for him, West Elm for me) and then got some warm beverages (Dunkies for him, Starbucks for me) and went for a leisurely, scenic walk through Back Bay before hopping on the T and heading home.

We got home just before four and Pete settled in to watch the Green Bay game. I was trying to decide what to do with the rest of my afternoon and ended up making a last minute decision to go to a yoga class with one of my favorite instructors. When I say last minute, what I mean is that 15 minutes before the class was starting, I was jumping off the couch to change and get to the studio. Lucky for me, it's two short blocks away and I made it with plenty of time.

Side note...hilarious things from the mouth of said yoga instructor, that when taken out of context are totally inappropriate (I know. I'm like a 13 year old boy. But come on!):
  • Did everyone grab their balls?
  • Okay, I'm right behind you. Ready? This is something you can only do with good friends, right?!
  • Oh my goodness, you're so tight! This is the tightest I've ever felt you!
I should reiterate that this is one of my favorite instructors, and that she's absolutely not inappropriate in context. She's awesome and you should go to her classes (her name is Jill and she teaches here, here, and here) - I just couldn't get my mind out of the gutter, apparently.

Back to the point (again - I'm easily distracted today), my doing yoga these days is also rare and it's especially rare that I do it when I haven't planned it out in advance. I'm enjoying the climb back onto that wagon.

Nothing extraordinary today, but a lot of rare. And a lot of awesome, too.


Melissa said...

Alas, Newsies is not available on Netflix streaming. Thanks for the link to the clip, though. That was great.

Just checked out your Ravelry profile. Where IS the best iced mocha in Boston?

Sarah G said...

Hi Melissa,

You HAVE to go to Flat Black Coffeee Company for their iced mocha. SO GOOD. They have three locations - Dorchester Lower Mills, Ashmont, and the Financial District.

Melissa said...

Thank you! I'll try them this weekend!