Sunday, December 18, 2011

Winter is here?

12.18.2011 Plymouth 1

The past few months have been unusually warm. There have been a normal fall or winter feeling day here or there, but for the most part it's just been too warm to really feel like fall or winter - it was 60+ degrees out on December 1st, and it was the second week of the month before we actually kept our windows closed and the heat on for a week straight!

Pete and I had a car for the weekend, so we decided to venture out somewhere that we don't normally go for lunch. What started out seeming like a wasted trip to Plymouth turned into discovering a great little breakfast place, wandering through a number of consignment stores, and picking up a few treasures....and the first kind-of-sort-of accumulating snow of the winter (Halloween doesn't count as winter)! It was the first time all month that it actually felt like Christmas - freezing our noses off because we hadn't really intended to be outside so much and so were under dressed, flurries flying around outside, and Christmas music and decor in every store we stepped in. It turned into a pretty perfect afternoon despite the not-so-perfect start.

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