Friday, January 13, 2012

Kitchen Calendar


I have pretty much ignored our kitchen since we moved in a year and a half ago. This past fall, I started spending more time in the kitchen and realizing how it was cold and hard and blah and started to look for ideas to make it warmer and more comfortable and maybe even a little pretty. It started with a looking for a few little things to make it more functional - a shelf to go in the freezer and prevent the avalanche from coming every time we opened the door, a place to hang our dish towel, that kind of thing.

Then I found this calendar and realized that it would look awesome in the kitchen....but the colors didn't look quite right. Luckily, I had the time to make a knock-off with colors that work better in our kitchen....and here's the result. Even before I got the calendar printed (at FedEx/Kinkos, nothing fancy) and had just moved Pete's painting and hung the empty frame on the wall, the kitchen looked worlds better. I made the mistake of creating the calendar in Powerpoint instead of Photoshop and it didn't print as well as it hoped, but as long as you stand at least a foot away it looks great! I marked birthdays and holidays with a black dry-erase marker on the plexi from the frame, and it looks pretty awesome (if I may say so myself)....even thought it's near impossible to get a good photo of it.

Operation: homey kitchen is officially on!

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