Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Number 4: (day twenty-one) Dose


I'm not entirely sure I should still be referring to these photos as part of number four on my list...I was uninspired by a few of the prompts, took only out of focus photos for a day or two (I'll blame it on the camera - I desperately need to take it in to have the sensor cleaned - but in reality I'm sure I'm as much to blame), and then was way-laid by some medical problems for a few days so the last two days were shots from my phone....and this one definitely has nothing to do with the daily prompts! I'll keep picking up the camera for the rest of the month, and maybe I'll try again to actually get a full month of photos in the spring.

This is the dose of meds I'm taking every six hours for the next three days. The little one is for nausea, because the eight big ones are for bleeding and have historically made me sick to my stomach. Luckily, that little one is holding it's own...small but mighty!

Referring to medical problems and showing you photos of this many pills make it seem much more serious than it was (and is), but it turns out I had some polyps on my colon that needed removing. Unfortunately, the way you find out you have polyps on your colon is via hemorrhaging in your GI tract...and I have a bleeding disorder, so I bleed about three times more than the average person. Something that for normal folks is nothing but a doctors appointment and a follow-up out patient procedure was three and a half days in the hospital for me, hooked up to a heart monitor and with no fewer than four blood draws each day so that they could monitor my blood levels. You don't mess with bleeding when someone has a blood disorder, so there is a lot of overly cautious medicating and checking and monitoring. Fun times! I honestly have very little to complain about - I have great friends and family who kept me well cared for and entertained (even from afar!), and I had amazing care from all of the nurses and doctors that I dealt with. I couldn't have been happier with every single person I dealt with through the entire weekend.

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Melissa said...

Yikes! Sounds exhausting but it's good that you got great care and are on the mend.