Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Number 4: (the start) Take One Photo A Day

At Work

I've seen two different sets of prompts for a February Photo A Day - here and here. A nice coincidence when taking one photo every day for a month is on my winter to do list! I put both prompts on my calendar for each day this month so that I'm not 100% responsible for coming up with a photo idea by myself each day. This should be fun.

Today I went with prompt number two - you. Soooo....this is me. At work. On a call* (can you spot my headset?). Do you ever see a picture of yourself and think "Oh! That's what I look like?!" That's what happened when I looked at this one. I'm not sure what it is, but even after spending a few minutes editing the photo and uploading it and then putting it here, I still feel a little surprised every time I look at it.

A few other quick tidbits:
- Another woman that sits on my floor was wearing this same sweater today. We ran into each other twice, even though we usually only run into each other twice a week...probably because our sweaters recognized each other as kinfolk and wanted to say hello.
- I'm growing my hair out a bit and because I'm in between cuts it looks much better wavy or curly than it does straight, which is how I've been wearing it most of the time lately. Today I used a product that's meant to "enhance" curls, and apparently it works because I got at least half a dozen compliments on my curls. I guess people prefer curly hair!
- I have spent the last 4 years working on very virtual teams. Until six months ago, my manager and I were the only two people on our team that are located in Boston. I spend a lot of time on calls and I rarely ever meet the people I work closely with face to face. I was super excited today to find out that a woman who I worked very closely with for a year and a half is in Boston for the next week and a half, and we went out for dinner tonight. I can't tell you how awesome it is to finally get to put a face with a name and a voice and a personality! It's always weird to explain to people that I have never met 90% of the people I've worked with for the last six years.
- I'm kind of excited for this photo a day...I hope that feeling lasts!

* I swear I was paying attention, you can totally prop your camera up on a stack of books and take self-timer shots and still be hearing everything discussed on the call.

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