Saturday, March 03, 2012



Cheeseburgers are easily one of my top three fav foods, and when Wahlburgers was announced I knew I had to get there. A few of my coworkers and I are always talking about where the best burger in Boston is, and I've been trying to convince them that we need to go on a field trip to Hingham to check it out...the suburbs are a turnoff, but I told them we could take a ferry down there and back and they warmed up to the idea, but we haven't had a chance to schedule it yet. I finally decided I couldn't wait, and Pete and I had a car for the weekend, so we headed down there for lunch. It was tasty and filling, but it's pricey! I got the BBQ Bacon Burger (no jalepeƱos) and the sweet potato tots. Pete got the The Melt and the yukon gold fries. Everything was tasty, but I would skip the sweet potato tots next time and go with the regular fries.

When I do convince my coworkers to actually venture out to the suburbs for our Wahlburgers field trip, I think we'll opt for table service (you can either order at the counter and seat yourself or be seated at a table and have wait service) so that we can have some booze to go with our burgers and fries, and we'll all reminisce about how much we love(d) NKOTB and discuss our favorite Mark Wahlburg movie (things that Pete refused to do with me, but I'm pretty sure my boss will be totally on board for).

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