Monday, April 16, 2012

Root, root, root for the RED SOX!


...If they don't win it's a shame.

And it was a shame. But we had fun anyway! Pete picked up a few tickets from a co-worker, and I snuck out of the office for a few hours to join he and Jamie for the game. The seats were awesome - immediately against the fence of the Tampa Bay bullpen, where there was a ton of hilarious interaction between their pitchers and the crowd.

The seats were also hot! It was 90° out (poor marathoners!) and we were in full sun for the entire game. I sweat my face off and managed to get sunburn on a small, crazy shaped patch on my back. There's always that one sunburn every spring just to remind you exactly how thoroughly you need to apply sun block, isn't there?

Being in the sun at Fenway, though...I'm not sure there's anything else that feels more like summer in Boston.

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