Friday, March 14, 2008


A bunch of us went to see Missy Higgins at the Paradise (more on that here) to celebrate Ros' birthday. It was a really awesome night. It was very difficult to get pictures, and I had a 15 minute debate with myself in the morning about what camera to bring, because I knew that I could get some awesome photos with my Nikon, but I wasn't sure about carrying a big bag with it into the club. In the end I brought my PHD* Canon, and I got a few decent shots. I like this one because you actually get the feeling of how people were standing rapt listening to her. I also love how the lighting reflected off people's eyes and made them look like zombies. Click to enlarge.

*My high school photog teacher, Mr Berube, use to refer to point and shoot cameras as PHDs - short for "push here dummy". I know that PnS is the more common short hand for it, but PHD makes me laugh, so I use it. Maybe one day it will take the photo community by storm and I'll have to remember to give all credit to Mr Berube.

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