Saturday, March 15, 2008

Torture Trip

We took Barley to the vet today. It was the first time he's been since he was adopted, so he had some vaccines to get and needed a check up. He actually did prety well given that we put him in the harness, threw him in a duffel bag, and drove him to a place that was both foreign and filled with strangers. He certainly did better than we would have done if someone tried to shove a thermometer up our butts! The results are that he's pretty healthy, but needs to have his teeth brushed daily, and we need to start measuring out his food because he's a little overweight.

Photoshoped by Pete.


David G. said...

Did you Photoshop in the Chubbs, cause if not I want to find a scale that will say that.

James A. O'Brien said...