Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Play Time

It's amazing the difference a day makes! Champ is already doing worlds better tonight than she was last night! She's hissing a lot less - only when we sneak up on her or move to quickly and surprise her. Barley is also less scared of her, and is constantly needing to be wherever she is, especially if both of us are there. She tries to get him to play, but he's not really sure what to do with her just yet. We let her out of her "pen" for a bit to hang out in our laps, and then she jumped down to lay for a bit. And here, friends, was our first foster parent error! She was running around near the gate and Pete thought she was just playing with her reflection in the plastic (we're using an old framed poster to block off her "pen", which we expanded to include the kitchen and the small hallway in addition to the bathroom)...turns out she was trying to get to the litter box, so in the end we had a pile of smelly kitten poop to clean up from behind the TV stand...oops!

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