Sunday, October 12, 2008

Chief Champ

I found this fire engine (assemble yourself, no glue required) for $10 and bought it. I texted Pete on my way home to tell him I had bought the cats a gift, and he said it was a good thing I did - I had locked Champ in the upstairs closet before I left (around 12) and he didn't notice until 4:30. Oops!

I ended up cutting the back door out of the engine so that there are two ways in, and Champ climbs in and out occasionally, but so far she prefers to chew on the side view mirrors. Poor Barley Bear, he's too tubby to fit inside.

**Click the picture to enlarge and enjoy the details on the truck - they spared no expense. There are even little pictures on the know, for the kitties to enjoy.

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