Monday, October 13, 2008


I found these in one of those quarter toy machines at Spukies, the pizza shop up the street from us. I hid them behind my back and let Pete pick one, and he got the cow. He took it out of the little plastic ball it came in and left it on the coffee table. I kind of thought my pig was cute in his plastic ball, so I left it in the ball and left it on the coffee table. Guess which one was mysteriously missing (*cough*CHAMP*cough*) the next morning?

If you guess the pig in the ball, you're right. I found it when I moved the couch yesterday, so I decided it was best to take it out of it's ball to save it from being stolen again. And then I took a picture, since I had cleared off the coffee table and had a blank background. And because they're cute.


Leyre said...

They're the cutest!!! You should go back and see if they have other tiny animals.

Cowbark said...

There was at least one other animal in the machine, I think a brown horse. I'll have to swing in there again with some quarters...I stopped after two because there were a LOT more cows and pigs than the other ones and I was afraid I'd end up with an army.