Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Even the cats are thankful

I was cooking away (cranberry-pear sauce, if you must know) in the kitchen when Barley came in. He's not usually a snuggler, but tonight he pestered me until I picked him up to cuddle (keeping him away from the cranberry-pear sauce so it didn't turn into cranberry-hair sauce) and he asked me if I would please convey the below message.

Dear Nonni and Nonno,

We know that while we're no longer the newest, youngest, or smallest of your grand cats, we're still your favorites. Right? We must be, or you wouldn't send us the great presents you do! We would like you to know that we are very thankful for you, and especially for that box you sent us last month. Auntie Sarah has been very nice and let us keep it instead of recycling it, and I've made a little nest of the papers. Champ likes to chew on the flaps (she's a little weird).

We just wanted you to know that while all you humans are shoveling turkey in your mouth and giving us boring, dry kibble to munch on (except Champ, who gets the good juicy stuff, why does the youngest always get the best stuff? Don't tell her, but I steal some when she's not looking), we're still thinking about the same things you are and being thankful for all that we have.

Especially that box, because that box is one heck of a cozy box.

Your favorite grand cats,
Barley & Champ

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Anonymous said...

I guess we are just here to please whether it is each other, children, son-in-laws, significant others, grandchildren, grandcats (is that really a word?), granddogs or neicedogs.