Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Flowery Prettyness

I actually meant to post a 10 on Tuesday yesterday with my picture and forgot, so now you can have 10 on Wednesday (and probably more interesting since I've had an extra day to ponder!).

1. I'm delayed in posting a photo of these flowers. Emily sent them last week and they're super pretty - thanks Em! When I put them in a vase I took a few out and put them in a bud vase that went in the bathroom. This morning I re-woke up (I may or may not have been "resting" on the couch because I was still sleepy after the alarm went off) because of the very loud sound of glass crashing on a tile floor. Guess what kitten was behind that?

2. When my boss, who grew up in Minnesota, complains about how cold it is outside I feel like that means I'm justified in complaining as much as I want.


4. I had lunch with Lisa today - she's here from Chicago for the week - and it made me really miss having lunch with her and Ros. To all my friends that moved away in the last 6 months: you can come back any time now.

5. This afternoon one of my fav associates (not that we in HR have fav associates) was in the office today for a meeting and we got to catch up. However, he was wearing so much cologne that I'm pretty sure he is what caused the most sudden, piercing headache I've ever had.

6. Three Excedrin Tension is a lot of caffeine.

7. It's a bit last minute, but we finally have our Thanksgiving plans sorted out!

8. In exciting XBox 360 news, as of today you can stream Netflix movies through it. Even more exciting, I thought we'd only get to stream 15 hours of movies/month, but we really have unlimited streaming. If only I were independently wealthy and could sit in pajamas and watch streaming Netflix all day. That would be the life!

9. I'm totally loving American Boy by Estelle (featuring Kanye) lately. Fav lyrics: Don't like his baggy jeans but I might like what's underneath them.

10. I think there should be a rule that whenever the temperature is below freezing, everyone works from home.


emily said...

Glad you liked the flowers. I agree about the working from home when it's cold. So what are the Thanksgiving plans?

Leyre said...

Oh my god! That song! I've heard that song on the radio and really liked it but they never said who the heck sang it! Thanks for solving my mystery :) Also, I'm jealous of your Netflixing capabilities :)

Cowbark said...

Emily - dinner with MaB at our place - turkey breast for Pete, Ma, and me and tofurkey for B.

Leyre - I'm mildly obsessed with that song lately. I'm dying today because my iPod needs to be charged and it's stuck in my head, so I may just plug my speakers into my computer and play that youtube video over and over all day.