Tuesday, January 13, 2009

10 On Tuesday

Sorry I'm a bit late in getting this up...more on that later...

Today's picture is actually courtesy of Pete, who says "it was much funnier before I took the picture", which is always the case with these two because it's like they have a sixth sense that makes them stop being as cute/funny as soon as you reach for a camera.

1. It is cold and getting colder. I've been searching online for long underwear, but I think I need to head to the store and try it on before I buy. But it's going to be so cold this weekend that I don't want to leave the house...so maybe I'll wait. Is that counterproductive? Should I go out and buy the long underwear so that I can leave the house this weekend without freezing?

2. I've been poking around the web looking to see what there is to do while we're in NH on vacation. Unfortunately, dog sledding costs $245/couple for a 3 hour adventure. Perhaps not this year, but I'd really love to do it some day. Add that to the life list.

3. Pete and I went to the grocery store after work and I stocked up on quick and easy lunch options for days when I don't have leftovers to bring to work with me. My goal is to bring lunch to work at least 4 days each week, and so far so good....although I had to buy Monday after I dropped my yummy leftovers all over the floor taking them out of the microwave because I'm and idiot!

4. I'm starting to think about training for the 3-Day, and there are two suggested training schedules - 24 weeks or 16 weeks. The difference between the two is that for the Boston walk the 24 weeks starts February 10th when it will still be freezing cold and the 16 weeks starts April 7th, when I will no longer want to cry when I think about being outdoors. Surprisingly, I'm still considering doing the 24 weeks.

5. Because I can do some of that walking at the gym, in the warm, watching trashy cable!

6. I have been working on improving my posture lately, and my back is a bit sore. That's a good thing, because it means I'm using my muscles properly to sit/stand up straight. I kind of want the iPosture device, but not for $90. I'm very good at ignoring the "SIT UP STRAIGHT!!!" label stuck on my monitor at work, but I don't think I could ignore a vibrating disc attached to the front of my shoulder.

7. I really really love Stash Tea's Organic Merry Mint Green Tea. I was running low at work and completely out at home, so I ordered more and it was delivered today, woohoo!

8. I kept thinking that I had no plans this weekend and would be able to spend the whole weekend inside, cleaning and organizing the house (and/or napping and watching movies). Then I realized that I have book club on Sunday. I love book club and I'm excited for it, but for some reason the realization that I actually do have something to do and will need to leave the house really threw me off.

9. Pete got the first season of How I Met Your Mother on DVD for Christmas, and we've been working our way through it. It is hilarious. H-I-LARIOUS, people. Barney is so funny that sometimes I laugh in anticipation of what he's going to say.

10. Dear MBTA: Please figure out how to send your T alert text messages once and only once on a consistent basis. Once you figure that out, we can work on sending them in a timely fashion, and then on making sure that you follow up (i.e. if you send a text stating there are delays due to a medical reason, be sure to send a follow up text when the train is back on schedule).


Emily said...

9 & 10 - Agreed.

David G. said...

I have all three seasons so when I get 2 and 3 back I can loan them to you.

Cowbark said...

Season 2 is already on it's way from Netflix!

Anonymous said...

The iPosture's actually now $74.95.

Lana said...

I sooooo wanted to do dog sledding too! But yikes... I don't think Willow alone could put anyone except maybe Keagan ;)