Monday, January 12, 2009


I always empty my change into this cute little cow bank that Pete gave me way back when, and lately it's been so full that I've had to shove and shake to get the coins to go in. I sat down to watch Gossip Girl and thought it would be a good time to start rolling. Turns out that there was $2.50 in pennies in there that were taking up the most space - because I was out of penny rolls! There was another $12 of silver, so when I took that to the bank I picked up penny rolls. I think the cow is ready to be fed again!


Lana said...

You're so good- to roll your coins. I'm too lazy. It's Coinstar for me! I'll pay the 8 cents NOT to roll coins ;)

Cowbark said...

haha - I'll roll your change for you, no fee. :) I actually kind of enjoy doing it. I just plop myself in front of the TV and roll away.